Chemonics International Inc. tuyển nhân viên tư vấn

Chemonics International Inc là một công ty phát triển toàn cầu, chuyên thực hiện các khoản viện trợ cho chính phủ Mỹ, có trụ sở tại Washington, đang cần tuyển một nhân viên tư vấn cho dự án thành lập Liên minh Quốc gia Việt Nam về HIV/AIDS ở Việt Nam. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 01/01/2010.

The USAID HIV Workplace Project in Vietnam implemented by Chemonics International, in collaboration with VCCI seeks a Consultant to support the establishment of the National Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS in Vietnam (NBCV).

Position: Consultant to support the establishment of the NBCV
Estimated Level of Effort: 4 months
Estimated Dates: 4 months commencing on or about February 4 2009 – February 28, 2010


In the context of a potential spreading of HIV to the broader community, the VCCI has, in its role as employers’ representative in Vietnam engaged in a number of activities to reduce the growing impact that HIV has and in the future will have on the business community.

Several companies around the world has benefited from a common platform on HIV and AIDS from which coordinated actions such as advocacy, service provision and one-stop shopping for support can assist and help enterprises in addressing HIV at their workplace.

To meet the needs and find ways that fits the Vietnamese business community, VCCI has over the past year worked with a number of national and international stakeholders including DANIDA, USAID HIV Workplace Project, ILO, UNAIDS, etc., to develop a model that reflects the Vietnamese challenges and context, and the needs for HIV activities at workplace level. From these consultations, it was agreed that the National Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS in Vietnam should be established. A mission and a vision for the NBCV were developed and the roles and responsibilities were suggested and important partnerships established.

Legal establishment

The National Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS in Vietnam (NBCV) is an independent entity which, as planned, will be hosted by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, (VCCI). NBCV will be governed by an independent board, and implementation of activities and daily operations is be conducted by a Secretariat. The decision to register the NBCV has been made by the President of the VCCI and the administrative procedures related to this are currently being undertaken.

NBCV will be responsible for generating its own income and cover its own expenses, and will have an independent bank account with the Vietnam Military Bank.

NBCV aims to become a financial and legally independent unit, with its own legal identity. The process of a registration as an independent association will be started in 2010 thorough Ministry of Home Affairs, and a permit for operation is expected in 2011.

Start-up plans

VCCI is hosting and providing one staff to the NBCV. The past year has been devoted to discussing with companies and partners, the organizational set-up, the role and responsibilities and what products and services the NBCV will offer. The main focus for the start up phase is on advocating for the coalition and mobilizing funds through engaging members to join the coalition, as well as delivering workplace programmes. A board has been formed and as soon as funds for operational costs have been secured, an executive director will be recruited. VCCI has HIV workplace programmes, peer education programmes, pamphlets, posters ready for enterprises to receive, as well as an established network of trainers available. The NBCV will be officially launched when the legal registration is done.

USAID HIV Workplace Project and its support to NBCV

The USAID HIV Workplace Project supports the US Government five-year PEPFAR strategy to prevent HIV infection among high-risk individuals (HRIs) and to provide employment opportunities and services for PLHIV and other HRI, including returnees from rehabilitation centers. One of the key components of the Project is to accelerate the adoption of comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention package in workplaces with high concentrations of high-risk individuals including injecting drug users and female sex workers. These workplace sectors include transportation, construction, mining, entertainment establishment, and industrial production.

In order to increase the coverage of the workplace-based HIV prevention interventions, the Project will support VCCI to strengthen coordination among businesses in Viet Nam to enable it to more effectively promote HIV/AIDS policies and support services. The Project has provided technical assistant to VCCI on the finalization of NBCV business plan. The Project will continue supporting VCCI on institutionalizing capacity for NBCV to represent and work with businesses to both expansion and regular renewal of programs.

Objective of the consultancy:

To support NBCV on its establishment and launching, staff recruitment, development of activity plans including a communication plan, a quality control plan for workplace programme delivery, and daily administration support.


1. Support VCCI and its partners on the establishment of NBCV
– Support VCCI in finalizing legal registration as NGO for the NBCV: Compilation of dossier, collect CVs from steering committee members and board members, list assets.
– Operational:
+ Develop strategy for membership mobilization and participate in implementation with aim of mobilize enterprises to participate in and support NBCV both operationally and financially 
+ Discuss with enterprises’ managers commitment for NBCV board membership. 
+ Facilitate the participation and contribution of national and international organizations in support of the establishment of NBVC. 
+ Draft regulations of NBCV and submit it to board for comments and approval. 
+ Update and revise NBCV business plan according to recent development
– Develop a monitoring and evaluating system to enable the NBCV management board to assess its performance and prepare annual plans.

2. Plan and implement start-up activities for NBCV
– Recruit staff: develop TOR, post advertisements, participate in transparent selection procedures, and prepare contracts and other necessary paper work.
– Responsible for NBCV activity plan 2010-2011 and support the development of communication strategy and plan. Ensure start of implementation of activity plan and communication plan such as support website development, and registration of email accounts; and develop members, all in collaboration with VCCI, USAID HIV Workplace Project, DANIDA and other partners.
– Prepare for the Launching of NBCV: Assist with preparations, such as invitations, press conference, promotion, venue, presentations, and documentation.

3. Support in provision and quality control for workplace programme delivery:
– Assist in develop an HIV prevention service package and procedures for service provision to enterprises
– Support to plan and ensure of quality workplace program delivery to members and enterprises.
– Participate in development of a quality control system for workplace program delivery.

4. Daily administrative support:
– Be responsible for meeting preparations (particularly the second Board meeting), including invitations, venue, presentations, documentation, minute taking, and follow up actions.


1. Monthly activity report to note the procedure of legal registration of NBCV
2. A suitable governance and management arrangement in place
3. A organizational structure in place- approved by board
4. A communications and activity plan including an M&E framework in place
5. A updated business plan of the NBCV

Selection criteria:

The proposed consultant for this assignment will be selected based on meeting each of the following selection criteria:
1. Vietnamese national willing to be based in Hanoi with travel to provinces and is full time available for a period of 4-6 months.
2. Strong business/advertisement/event background,
3. Extensive networking among businesses
4. Strong and out-going sale background
5. Understanding of the dynamics and challenges of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Vietnam and development economics
6. Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines
7. Pro-active personality with proven ability to work independently and in a team.
8. Proven strong English and Vietnamese skills, both oral and in writing


The consultant will report to the USAID HIV Prevention Project Chief of Party Dr. Nguyen Thu Anh. Weekly work schedules and reports consistent with the four tasks and five deliverables will be prepared in collaboration and supervision with Mr. Phung Quang Huy, Director of the Bureau of Employers Activities and Ms. Lotte Brondum, DANIDA International Advisor to VCCI.

Application Instructions:

Interested Vietnamese nationals are asked to submit the following:
• Updated CV stating 3 notified references ( max. 3 pages)
• Statements outlining examples on your ability to meet each of the selection criteria (1-8). Examples on personal experience should be given ( max 3 pages)
• Statement of full-time availability for 4-6 months

Only candidates who submit 1) CV (max.3 pages), 2) statement outlining selection criteria (max. 3 pages) and 3) statement of full time availability from 4-6 months from February, and 4) who submit by indicated deadline will be considered for the consultancy.

Deadline for application: Send CVs and statements to by 1 January 2010. Start is expected to be early February