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Dự án “Lồng ghép quản lý nguồn nước và đa dạng sinh học tại Vườn quốc gia Chư Yang Sin tỉnh Đăk Lăk” của BirdLife hiện đang cần tuyển tư vấn. Hạn cuối nộp hồ sơ: 15/09/2009. Thông tin chi tiết xin xem dưới đây.

BirdlLife International in Indochina is the leading agency in facilitating the Global Environment Facility/World Bank (GEF/WB) funded project entitled ‘Integrating watershed and biodiversity management in Chu Yang Sin National Park, Dak Lak Province’ (IWBM). The IWBM project seeks to establish public support and effective management for Chu Yang Sin National Park (CYSNP), located in Krong Bong and Lak Districts, 60 km southeast of Buon Ma Thuat Town in Dak Lak Province, Vietnam. Two of three major threats of the park have been identified to be illegal hunting, and to a lesser extent, illegal logging. In 2007, CYSNP project team conducted a trade chain survey to document the explolitation and trade wildlife and timber products in and around CYS NP, including making recommendations to control the wildlife trade.

BirdLife is seeking a consultant to conduct a repeat survey using the same methodology. The consultant will document the explolitation and trade wildlife and timber products, for all species, but with particular attention to those listed on the IUCN Red List (2009), Government Decree Decree 32/2006/ND-CP of 30 March 2006, and the Vietnam Red Data Books (2008).

The consultant is required to:

1. Re-quantify the current wildlife and timber trade and report on results;
2. Evaluate the recommendations from the 2007 trade chain survey, and provide new recommendations as necessary;
3. Facilitate a workshop with relevant stakeholders to disseminate findings and recommendations of the two trade chain surveys;
4. Report on the conclusions of the stakeholder workshop.

The consultant will deliver:

1. All detailed data resulting from the trade chain survey in electronic format;
2. A consultancy report in English and Vietnamese reporting on the results of the survey.

The position is open to a national consultant with experience in wildlife trade issues in Vietnam, and English proficiency sufficient to write required report.
Please read detailed ToR before applying.

To apply: Prospective consultants should submit a proposed work plan, budget and CV to Mr. Le Trong Trai ( and Mr. Simon Mahood ( by 15 September, 2009. Please also use these contacts should you have any further questions.
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