Khóa học mùa hè của Học viện Báo chí Quốc tế

Học viện Báo chí Quốc tế (The International Institute for Journalism – IIJ) của InWEnt, một tổ chức bồi dưỡng và nâng cao năng lực quốc tế của CHLB Đức, thông báo chiêu sinh khóa học đào tạo mùa hè với chủ đề “Tự do và trách nhiệm trong truyền thông” dành cho các nhà báo trẻ.

The International Institute for Journalism (IIJ) of InWEnt – Capacity Building International, Germany, announces its Summer Academy “Freedom and Responsibility in the Media” for young journalists to be held in Hamburg, Germany from July 26 to August 21, 2009.

Course Objectives: The Summer Academy aims at promoting media freedom and journalistic ethics by empowering young, up-and-coming journalists to make ethical decisions in their daily working routine as well as under difficult circumstances. The programme is a unique opportunity to broaden the knowledge on the key topic of press freedom, discuss professional ethical standards and reflect on their reasons of being. It seeks to cover both practical experience and profound insights into the political and ethical framework that guides the practical journalistic work.

Course Contents: Topics to be covered during the IIJ Summer Academy include:
• Media and responsibility: why do ethics matter?
• Functions and limits of press freedom
• Comparison of private, state-owned and public service media systems
• Content and purpose of ethical codes for journalists
• Relevant norms and their pitfalls: accuracy and fairness; protection of sources; conflict of interest
• Investigative journalism and ethical constraints
• Media and conflict: sensitive reporting
• Role of a free press in the development process

Target Group: The Summer Academy is open to young journalists working for print and online media as well as in news agencies. Applicants are expected to:
• have a minimum of two years of professional experience
• be not older than 30 years
• be in permanent employment with good chances of promotion
• be proficient in English.
Women journalists are particularly encouraged to apply.

Methods of Teaching: The IIJ Summer Academy combines lectures, discussions, group work and exercises which derive from the participants own work experiences. Participants are requested to provide material concerning cases that describe the violation of journalistic standards in their opinion. The course includes field trips to various newsrooms and media organisations. The programme is conducted in English.

Lecturers: The lecturers are media experts and prominent senior journalists with experience in all aspects of newspaper and online work. Most of them work, or have worked, in leading newspapers, news agencies or online newsrooms in Germany and abroad. They are familiar with the media in developing and transitional countries.

Certificate: Upon completion of the Summer Academy participants are granted a Certificate of Attendance.
Download Program Brochure and Application Form.

Further information :
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Britta Scholtys
Stresemannstr. 92
10963 Berlin, Germany
Phone +49 30 43996-312
Fax +49 30 43996-260
or For more information, please email to Ref.: Summer Academy.