CIDA tuyển Chuyên gia môi trường

CIDA – The Canadian International Development Agency cần tuyển Chuyên gia Môi trường. Hạn chót nộp hồ sơ: 22/12/2008. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

Senior National Environment Specialist (with the PSU)


To support CIDA program in Vietnam to fulfill the following objectives:
• Ensure compliance of CIDA programming in Vietnam at national and sub-national levels with GOC’s and GOV’s environmental laws (Canadian Environmental Assessment Act – CEAA & Vietnamese Law on Environmental Protection – LEP) and regulations, including CIDA’s Environmental Assessment Directives;
• Ensure effective implementation of CIDA’s operational and future interventions in environmental governance/environmental management;
• Ensure appropriate integration of environmental considerations in CIDA programming;
• Enhance CIDA’s input to dialogue with the GOV and other donors on environmental issues as they relate to CIDA programming in Vietnam.


• Proactively advise CIDA on current or emerging environment issues that may affect CIDA programming;
• Proactively advise CIDA on relevant changes, updates to environmental policies and regulatory framework in Vietnam;
• Provide environment-related analytical input to CIDA programming in Vietnam (e.g. project and program planning, review of work plans and reports);
• Collect data related to the environment & draft analytical reports/briefings as required;
• Provide technical advice to CIDA-funded initiatives where environmental expertise is required;
• Provide advice and assistance to CIDA, where required, on the application of the CEAA, and on the application of the LEP (including completing CIDA’s CEAA procedures, preparing Quarterly Reports on the implementation of the CEAA, and advising on environmental assessments for CIDA initiatives, as required);
• Attend, and assist in preparing CIDA’s position for, environment-related partnership groups/working groups and policy dialogue such as the ISGE, PGAE Sub-group on EIA and SEA and PRSC;
• Liaise with CIDA Environment specialist as required;
• Advise government counterparts on environmental integration issues in programming, particularly at provincial levels; 
.  Maintain an overview of ODA-financed environment projects and donor practices, highlighting design and implementation lessons learned which may be relevant to CIDA programming; 
. Undertake travel to provinces and liaise with sub-national government officials as required; 
. Undertake any other tasks as required.

Required Qualifications and Skills
Education: a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences or a related discipline.

• At least 10 years extensive experience working (researching, analysing, problem solving, and reporting) on environmental issues in Vietnam;
• Experience working with environmental impact assessment and/or strategic environmental assessment would be an asset;
• Experience in working with international development assistance organizations would be an asset;
• Experience working at sub-national levels would be an asset.

. Practical knowledge of environmental issues in Vietnam, in particular as they relate to governance (environmental expenditure, decentralization), private sector development, agricultural development, and industrial pollution management; 
. In-depth knowledge of central and local government administrative structures, functions, processes and relationships, in particular as they relate to environmental issues and environmental assessment; 
. Knowledge of the CEAA process; 
. Knowledge of Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment practices; 
. Knowledge of the international environmental policy contexts and how they relate to the Vietnamese context; 
. Knowledge of results-based-management and capacity building practices would be an asset.

. Strong analytical and critical thinking skills; 
. Resourcefulness; 
. Leadership and initiative; 
. Ability to work well in a team as well as independently/proactively; 
. Fluency in both English and Vietnamese; 
. Strong communication and writing skills in both English and Vietnamese; 
. Strong interpersonal skills in communicating with a wide range of individuals, from government officials at all levels, to local benefactors of Canadian development assistance; 
. Ability to meet deadlines, and 
. Computer proficiency (word, excel).