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National Training Coordinators (two vacancies)
Publish Date: 22-Aug-2008

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) are collaborating on a capacity development project entitled ?Support for Effective Policy Making through the Development of Scientific Evidence Based Research?. This project is looking for two full-time National Training Coordinators.

The project will support for VASS will be provided over a three year period through the implementation of three mutually reinforcing project components aimed at: strengthening the way in which research is managed within VASS; and providing researchers with the ability to carry out research using the human development paradigm, and more effectively link research with policy. The project aims to produce the following results:

– The adoption by VASS of a unified, modern and structured management approach to executing scientific research projects based on internationally recognised standards of project and programme management.

– The establishment of a network of experts capable of producing high quality human development research including the next National Human Development Report for Viet Nam.

– The increased capacity of VASS researchers to produce and communicate scientific evidence based research in support of policy making at all levels of Government.

The National Training Coordinators will coordinate and deliver training in project and programme management to research staff within the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. The National Training Coordinators will report to the Change Management Programme Manager in VASS and be supported by an International Consultant who specialises in project and programme management. The Project Office will provide administrative support, including arranging travel, and workshop facilities.

Interested Vietnamese candidates are kindly requested to send or email an application letter and updated CV (in English), indicating clearly ?Application for National Training Coordinator role? to the following address:

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday 05:00 PM | 10-Sep-2008

ToR for National Training Coordinators

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Terms of Reference for National Training Coordinators (NTC) (2 full-time positions)

The National Training Coordinators (NTCs) will be allocated to the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) Training Project and will report to the VASS Change Management Programme Manager. The NTCs will have access to an International Consultant for their own training and development as well as ongoing guidance and support. The NTCs will occasionally be able to work from home (with prior agreement from senior staff).
However, most of the time the NTCs will need to work at the Project Office in VASS in order to take part in any meetings, reviews or workshops. When providing training and support the NTCs will need to be based where the training is delivered, e.g. hotel, VASS premises, UNDP?s training rooms etc. This will be agreed during the planning stage of the project.

By adopting programme and project management principles based, respectively, on MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) and PRINCE2? (Projects in Controlled Environments), VASS will be able to update its current method of managing its portfolio of research projects, shifting the focus from achieving outputs to outcomes. This change aims to provide the President and senior managers in VASS with a clear overview of research activities conducted in VASS institutes. In 2008/2009, training and support will be provided to six trial research Institutes/Centres.
During the following two years, training will then be provided to the remaining Institutes and Centres. The training and support tools will be adjusted based on the lessons learned during the trial phase.
Training delivered as part of this project will focus on assisting VASS staff to better understand the principles of programme and project management and to improve their current management of projects.

The training project in which the NTCs will be involved is part of a much larger programme of activities aimed at improving research management within VASS. The objectives of the programme are to develop the processes required to manage the current and future portfolio of projects within VASS using principles based on MSP and PRINCE2? in order to: manage the transition of the existing way of working to the new way of working in six trial Institutes prior to a wider roll out train VASS staff in Programme and Project Management and develop a range of training interventions including international certification improve planning processes so that identified benefits can be realised, by ensuring that all research projects are aligned via their Institutes Goals to VASS and therefore ultimately to the expected outcomes of government counterparts and other clients.

ToR for National Training Coordinators

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The NTCs will contribute to all three of the above objectives. However specifically they will improve capability and assist with the effective transition to a new way of working by: developing themselves in the principles of MSP and PRINCE2? and becoming familiar with the VASS Local Guide as preparation finalising the translation of the VASS Local Guide ensuring that the VASS Local Guide is updated with any lessons learned developing training materials (for the initial Instructor Led Training – ILT, and Computer Based Training – CBT) based on the VASS Local Guide working with project support staff to organise and schedule trainings, and track individuals? training activities delivering training to staff involved in the trial in the VASS Local Guide providing individual (one to one) support for all trained staff to help them understand how to apply principles learned during training to their specific projects supporting the creation of 6 x Programme Initiation Documents developing a Computer Based Training (CBT) course to train the rest of VASS (those not involved in the trial) in the Local Guide working with a selected partner to develop CBT that enables VASS staff to be trained in the future without the need for ILT producing an ILT training pack (including instructions) in case VASS wish to provide ILT events in the future. providing support during the wider roll out to VASS once the trial is complete supporting the translation of PRINCE2 and MSP materials as part of the Translation Review Group One of the NTCs will also be required to manage this training project as well as help to deliver it. The Training Manager will be required to send the Programme Manager a Highlight Report monthly which indicates progress made and any upcoming issues with delivering training activities. It will be up to NTCs to develop a detailed plan that they monitor to ensure that they deliver their commitments according to the agreed scope.
During the three years in which these training activities will be implemented, VASS will also be focusing on building researchers? skills in the areas of Human Development and Evidence
Based Policy Research. It is possible that during 2010/2011 the NTCs could be involved in delivering training in these areas.

Out of Scope
The NTCs will not be providing training on MSP and PRINCE2? theory nor conducting/ invigilating exams.

Training activities are scheduled to commence in September 2008 and finish in June 2011.

ToR for National Training Coordinators

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Bachelor degree in a relevant field Proven experience (at least 3 years) in developing training materials and delivering workshops/ training

Have the ability to lead, coach and mentor VASS researchers and project staff
Have the ability to pass the PRINCE2? foundation exam (multiple choice exam conducted in English) within 2 months of joining the project
Have the ability to pass the PRINCE2? CBT Practitioner exam (in English) within 4 months of joining (in English)
Have the ability to pass the MSP foundation exam (in English) within 2 months of joining the project
Be prepared to learn VASS?s approach to research management based on MSP and PRINCE2?
Be able to comment on English ? Vietnamese translations of PRINCE2 and MSP manuals, exams and supporting material
Display leadership skills and act as a role model to the delegates in running this project according to the standards they will be trained in
Be able to work in a programme and project environment
Be able to meet deadlines and display a committed approach to work activities
Be able to work with suppliers to deliver training materials i.e. Computer
Based Training
Fluent written and spoken English
Experience working with VASS institutes and/or with UNDP projects is an asset

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