Chương trình E-Consultation "Bạn trẻ và chiến lược xoá nghèo đói"

UNFPA (the UN Population Fund), Quỹ Dân số Thế giới đang xây dựng một chương trình đào tạo online cho các bạn trẻ trong lĩnh vực xoá đói giảm nghèo.
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Hạn trước ngày: 20/06/2007
In November 2006, UNFPA (the UN Population Fund) conducted a three-week E-Consultation on “Youth Participation in Poverty Reduction Strategies” which provided young people with the opportunity to discuss national development strategies and more specifically PRSPs. For UNFPA the aim was to learn about young people’s experiences with these strategies leading up to the World Bank-UNFPA “Expert Consultation on Young People in Poverty Reduction Strategies: Investing in the Next Generation” held in January 2007. The lessons learned from the E-Consultation show that young people are rarely, if ever, consulted in the development of national development strategies or PRSPs, and that many of the issues concerning young people are not integrated in these national strategies either.

UNFPA partnered with YAC to design a youth-friendly online course on Youth and PRSPs to offer young people a venue to learn about and further discuss PRSPs and provide them with valuable tools to become active change makers in their own communities. We are now in the process of designing such an e-course, and in as much as we want it to be highly engaging, interesting and useful to young people from different backgrounds and countries, we kindly ask you to please take some time to fill in this survey and return it to both and by June 20th 2007.

The survey is uploaded on the E-Consultation’s website on

As we are interested in receiving feedback from as many young people as possible, we kindly ask you to forward the survey to your youth networks.

Looking forward to receiving your inputs!