FLITCH tuyển tư vấn quốc gia

Dự án Phát triển Lâm nghiệp Cải thiện Đời sống vùng Tây Nguyên (FLITCH) cần tuyển tư vấn quốc gia GIS.

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: Trước ngày 15/10/2011.

Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

Forests for Livelihoods Improvement of the Central Highlands Project (FLITCH) is funded by Asia Development Bank (ADB) and Trust Fund for Forestry (TFF) (co-financed by Finland, the Netherlands and Switzerland).

The project has four components – A. Sustainable management and development of forest resources; B. Improvement of livelihoods, C. Capacity building; D. Project management and implementation.

We are recruiting:

National GIS Consultant (up to 10 months – starting in Oct 2011 until Dec 2012, part time is acceptable)

Qualifications: Undergraduate degree in remote sensing GlS and/or at least 5 years experience in GIS applied in the forestry and/or land management sectors


1. Assist in designing and setting up a modular, spatial forestland-use planning and

monitoring system and build capability provincially and centrally in using the GIS data collection, data storage and retrieval and the mapping system.

2. Review capacity, GIS data, in FLITCH offices and advise on organization of GIS, databases and maps

3. Supervise as appropriate service providers involved in map making for all FLITCH uses.

4. Assist in designing GIS database for FLITCH projects.

5. Assist in producing maps for FLITCH projects (as requested by PPMUs and TA team).

6. Build capacity centrally and provincially on GIS/GPS & remote sensing through providing technical assistance and training.

7. Provide training to service providers in fields of mapping and data base management.

8. Assist PPMUs in applying GIS/GPS into forestland-use planning and monitoring.

9. Look for appropriate new techniques, new GIS & database software then provide advise to FLITCH project.

10. Support the build up of a GIS based monitoring system.

11. Assist international consultants to contact with CPMU, PPMUs, DPMUs, partners, NGOs on GIS, map and land related issues.

Deliverables: Assist with the timely delivery of forest data and maps, and data management – including data base  system for M&E – for sixprovinces.

CV to be sent to daophuong06@yahoo.com before Oct 15, 2011.