CARE tuyển quản lý dự án về HIV/AIDS

Tổ chức CARE  tại Việt Nam cần tuyển 1 ứng viên giàu năng lực và kinh nghiệm cho vị trí Quản lý dự án HIV/AIDS. Hạn nhận hồ sơ đến ngày 31-08-2011. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

CARE in Vietnam is a Non-Government Organization representing the CARE International network. CARE in Vietnam is a creative and dynamic organization, working with Vietnamese partners in the sectors of health, rural development and disaster mitigation and preparedness.

CARE in Vietnam is looking for an experienced and qualified Vietnamese to fill in Project Manager for the HIV/AIDS project.

Project Officer Position information:
Position title: Project Manager
Reporting to: Health and Social Sector Program Coordinator
Contract: 18 months contract
Base in: Hanoi with regular travel

Position Summary
This position is exist to make all project activities conducted in quality, timely and effective manner to achieve all the project objectives and indicators designed in the project log frame or project document. Project Manager (PM) works as a leader of the project team in planning, implementing and monitoring all project activities in line with CARE and the donor’s policies and guidelines, controlling the donor approved budget, preparing quarterly Costed Work Plan (CWP), reports to donor, maintaining good relationships with the donor, Vietnamese partners, and staff management.

Reporting Relationships
This position will directly oversee and receive reports from 2 -3 Project Officers who are based in Ha Noi and Can Tho Offices

1. Planning:
a. Develop annual work plans, monitoring and evaluation plans in line with the submitted proposal in partnership with the project team and key stakeholders where appropriate and feasible.
b. Present work plans to project and key project partners to ensure their understanding of the logical flow of the project activities to reach consensus on implementation and approach to project activities and each of the partner’s roles and responsibilities in relation to them.

2. Implementation:
a. Effectively use all the project resources to ensure activities are implemented as planned and to correspond to performance indicators as outlined in the project design matrix or logframe (LF) and in accordance with CARE’s vision, mission, values and programming principles
b. Identify deviations from designed activities, unexpected/unintended problems and provide timely information to Health Program Coordinator or senior staff and suggest or take action to adjust after adequate consultation with the supervisor and, if necessary, with partners
c. Provide tight technical supervision to the project staff, partners and consultants for quality assurance, particularly in all kinds of trainings, workshop, outreach work and IEC material development
d. Identify priorities of activity and sub-activity implementation to meet deadlines

3. Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E):
a. Work with the Technical Advisor (TA) and HSS Program Coordinator (HPC) and, where appropriate external consultants to develop, monitor and revise the log frame to be correctly understood and interpreted by the project staff and partners.
b. Use CARE minimum M&E standards to develop adequate M&E plan, M&E tools and system for data collection with the project team, partners and/or consultant at the beginning; periodically revise and update the tools for better use.
c. Coach, assign and oversee individual project staff to do specific monitoring tasks
d. Verify the data collected by staff at the end of each month, record and file it in appropriate manner
e. Use the monthly updated M&E data to assess the project progress of achieving the designed indicators in the log frame or in project document, and use it for Monthly Progress Reports and reports to donor
f. Regularly travel to project sites to assess partner performance and provide necessary support.

4. Report writing:
a. Prepare and update Monthly Progress Report as CARE template, and submit to the Program Support Officer and supervisor on the last working day of the report month
b. Prepare quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports and all necessary annexes to donor as required and in correct format of donor
c. Submit these reports to the supervisor, TA and HPC at least 5 days prior to the due date for finalization and timely submission to donor

5. Finance management:
a. Weekly control the project budget to ensure proper expenditure of each budget line to minimize any under-spending or over-spending greater than +/- 10% and comply with donor’s financial guidelines to prevent any potential disallowed costs.
b. Identify, inform and discuss any financial issues with the Deputy Director Finance, Finance Manager, Finance Manager and HPM in a timely manner.

6. Human resources management:
a. Staff: understand and use CARE staff policy as a tool of staff management; prepare and update JDs of all the positions managed within the project design; cooperate with HR Department and Senior Mangers for recruiting of new or replaced staff; coordinate with HR to resolve staff HR matters including internal team conflict; build and reinforce a good working team; weekly oversee staff performance; coach staff on their incompetent areas whenever necessary; provide constructive feedbacks to staff; promote smooth and clear communication within your team and with other CARE staff
b. Consultant: develop TOR for consultants in consultation with the TA; make decision of recruitment according to the authority level of PM; oversee the work progress and technical fitness of consultants; assess consultant work

7. Partnership maintenance with:
a. Donor: understand and comply with all donor’s policy and guidelines; prepare timely responses to donor requests in consultation with the supervisor, TA and HPC; maintain good relationship with donor; host donor visits to the project sites
b. Vietnamese partners: provide them regular technical support for quality insurance; negotiate contract, work plan, M&E indicators, cost norms and financial guideline with them
c. Government: understand the Viet Nam Laws, Government policies, regulations and guidelines relevant to the project to make sure CARE compliance to them; inform CARE leaders about any changes of these documents;
d. Represent CARE to donor and Government when authorized

8. Involvement in proposal development:
a. Provide lessons learnt of the past and current projects to help develop new proposal
b. Provide creative ideas, literature information, secondary data to the proposal development team when applicable
c. Review and provide comments for different drafts of new proposal, including the LF, objectives, targets, and indicators

9. Networking/alliances:
a. Represent CARE and the project at various meetings, workshops and events as required by the project or under direction from the supervisor, HPC, DD or Country Director (CD).
b. Refer all media interest in and contacts with the project to the CD.  Do not provide written or verbal comment on the project to local or international media without the expressed permission of the CD.
c. Develop, maintain and strengthen relations with other agencies working in the same geographic or technical area.
d. Undertake all areas of responsibility in a professional manner and in a way that enhances the reputation of the Project and the reputation of CARE International in Vietnam.

10. Others:
a. Demonstrated commitment to gender equity and diversity
b. Promote a safe and secure work environment;  foster a safety and security culture;  and ensure consistent application of, and compliance with, CARE Vietnam safety and security policies and procedures
c. Contribute to the development and application of CARE program approaches, long-term strategic plan as well as health sector strategy
d. Other duties as assigned.

Selection Criteria
1. At least 5 years experience managing community-based HIV/AIDS projects for an international organization with technical knowledge on HIV/AIDS prevention, home based care and support, organizational capacity development, human rights of PLHIV, HIV law and other relevant regulations and policies of Viet Nam;
2. Proven experience and skills in providing coaching and mentoring to CBO partners;
3. Proven experience and skills of project cycle management, including planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, finance management, staff management and partnership;
4. Proven professional experience and skills of problem solving, negotiation, communication, facilitation and training;
5. Ability to work effectively as a team member/leader and with minimal supervision;
6. Computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook applications);
7. Familiarity with and commitment to gender equity;
8. Excellent written and spoken English language skills;
9. Willingness to frequently travel to project site(s)

Child Protection:
CARE International in Vietnam is committed to protecting the rights of children in all areas we work around the world. Applicants are advised that CARE International in Vietnam reserves the right to screen candidates to ensure a child-safe environment. Further information can be found in the CARE Vietnam child protection policy.

Interested candidates should send a full English CV and stating the position title to email: Closing date to apply for this position: 31 August 2011

The short-listed applicants will be contacted for interviews. Please no telephone contact after submitting the application.