350.org phát động chương trình Thủ lĩnh môi trường

Chương trình hội thảo Thủ lĩnh môi trường (Climate Leadership Workshop) do 350.org tổ chức, chủ yếu tập trung vào các lãnh đạo, nhóm trưởng của các tổ chức, CLb thanh niên tại Châu Á. Với mục tiêu đào tạo các hạt nhân để tổ chức sự kiện 350 tại châu Á trong thời gian tới (Năm nay ngày 350 sẽ diễn ra vào 24 tháng 9 với hoạt động nòng cốt là đạp xe và đi bộ vì môi trường). Các bạn có năng lực và điều kiện phù hợp với 350 đăng ký tham gia chương trình. Hạn nhận hồ sơ đến 20 tháng 7 năm 2011. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:
350.org along with CleaIN India Network and the Indian youth climate network (IYCN) will be organizing its second climate workshop in India in July 2011. The workshop will take place in the capital city of New Delhi from July 29th-31st 2011.The climate workshops will provide an opportunity for those who are keen on learning and taking action at the grassroots on climate change and sustainable development. The first workshop in the small town of Ongole had 25 participants and many of them are now gearing up for some exciting campaigns and projects back in their home towns.Fill the application form here: http://bit.ly/jDBFRn and together lets build a powerful climate movement.

We are keen on identifying and training a dynamic team of people across India on various aspects of campaigning, climate solutions in India, media, movement building and many more.  Some of the opportunities at the workshop:-

a) Meeting 350.org organizers from India and experts across various fields of climate change.

b) Networking and learning from fellow organizers and youth leaders from across the country.

c) Planning and strategizing for effective climate action in the coming months and years.

d) Honing your organizing and campaigning skills through a tool kit designed by 350.org.

e) Lots of fun and frolic.

The final selection of the applicants will be based on this form. The workshop is from July 29th – 31st 2011. The deadline for filling this application form is July 20th 2011.

The workshop will be taken up by a team of experienced professionals working on these issues. A profile of these trainers will soon be made available to participants.

Note: All expenses from travel, food and accommodation will be borne by the organizers.

Those interested can fill out this form here : http://bit.ly/jDBFRn and for any queries, write to us at chaitanya@350.org or abhinandan343@gmail.com with the subject as: “Climate Leadership Workshop Query” and we will get back to you asap!

Lets make change happen! Join us for the training from July 29th-31st in the capital city of New Delhi.

Abhinandan Kohli
Indian Youth Climate Network
Contact No. –   +918802469853, +919234643548