HFHV tuyển Tư vấn viên Đánh giá Giữa kỳ

Tổ chức Nhà ở Nhân đạo tại Việt Nam (HFHV) tuyển Tư vấn viên Đánh giá Giữa kỳ cho Dự án Cải thiện Cấp nước và Vệ sinh Vùng nông thôn. Hạn cuối nộp hồ sơ là ngày 28/6/2011.

Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

Habitat for Humanity Vietnam (HFHV) is seeking Midterm Evaluation Consultant for the Rural Water and Sanitation Capacity Building Project.

Purpose of the Midterm Evaluation:

The evaluation should determine the effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, impacts to date and benefits of the project as well as identify actual or potential problems with the design and execution, assess its progress against the logframe and other related documents, identify and report lessons learned and make recommendations, if necessary, to improve the project. Lastly, where possible at this stage, the evaluation should assess the scalability of the project.

Purpose of the Project:

The purpose of the project is to improve health and economic security for the population in 4 of the most impoverished districts in Kien Giang province (KGP), with broader province-wide impact taking project reach to at least 184,000 citizens, through enhanced ability to claim entitlements and improved delivery on policy commitments.


Habitat for Humanity Vietnam, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Great Britain with funding from the Department for International Development, began implementing activities for the Rural Water and Sanitation Capacity Building project, in Kien Giang province since April 2009 and will complete the project in June 2012.

This project aims to support the Government of Vietnam (GoV) in attaining its National Target Programme for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (2006-2010) (NTPRWSS) objectives of improved health and living conditions in rural areas. Expected outcomes include improved health and wellbeing for the population of 4 of the most impoverished districts of Kien Giang province (KGP) and increased water, sanitation and hygiene awareness for at least 184,000 people KGP-wide.

To address the shortage of practical and appropriate water and sanitation (WatSan) solutions the project is developing the capacity of individuals, the community and government structures; promoting and facilitating active community engagement in decision making processes; and aiming to improve government service providers’ capacity, ensuring they are better equipped to deliver quality WatSan services. An Information, Education and Communication (IEC) strategy has been developed and implemented through the formation of Water and Sanitation Committees (WSC), supported and coordinated by local government.

Scope of Work:

The evaluation will be carried out by a lead evaluator, a logistics staff member, a team of local temporary staff to carry out surveys and/or other research related work and a translator, if needed.

Responsibilities of the Lead Evaluator:

– Review all project relevant documents

– Design, a scientifically significant, evaluation methodology

– Create a schedule and workplan for the entire process of the evaluation

– Create questions for impact surveys (especially, taking into account the Means of Verification on the logframe) & questions for interviews with other key stakeholders

– Carry out the evaluation and manage the team

– Manage and verify the data entry

– Write the draft and final evaluation report after receiving feedback from appropriate staff


1. Inception report

2. Questions for Surveys and IDI/Focus Group developed (in Vietnamese and English)

3. Hard copies of all surveys filled in

4. SPSS or other data entry files

5. Draft report & Final report to include:

a. Cover Page

b. Table of Contents

c. Abbreviations

d. Glossary, if not utilizing foot notes

e. Executive Summary

f. Background information/Introduction

g. Findings (from desk review, surveys, IDIs, focus groups other observations)

h. Conclusions/analysis/discussion on findings

i. Appraisal of the project with regards to meeting objectives and targets

j. Recommendations

k. Lessons Learned

Please send CVs to elizabeth.luu@habitatvietnam.org.