Nhóm Đối tác Y tế tuyển Cán bộ truyền thông

Nhóm Đối tác Y tế (HPG) cần tuyển Cán bộ truyền thông. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 15/11/2010.

The Health Partnership Group (HPG) Secretariat is seeking a highly qualified national contractor, who can provide support to the Department of International Co-operation (ICD) in the Ministry of Health (MOH) in its efforts to strengthen donor co-ordination and improve aid effectiveness in the health sector.

The main roles of the contractor will be to support the HPG Secretariat in the following tasks
(i) Promoting HPG as the primary forum for improving overall effectiveness of aid to the health sector,
(ii) Ensuring timely and appropriate communication and information sharing amongst HPG members,
(iii) Promoting the HPG strategic plan and annual plan regarding communication and media issues,
(iv) Ensuring timely dissemination of HPG related information to all relevant stakeholders, including through the HPG website. 

The successful candidate will work in the Ministry of Health, and report to the HPG coordinator. He or she will be contracted by WHO, and remuneration will be based on experience. He or she will not be a formal WHO employee. The initial contract will be for a period of 6 months, with possibility of extension. Payments will be made twice in VND, once halfway and once at the end of the contract, linked to a set of deliverables (see TORs attached). 

To apply, please send an updated version of your CV and cover letter to: Ms Thi, HPG coordinator, at moh.hpg@gmail.com, cc to the following: Ms Ngoc, at hoh@wpro.who.int, and Ms Tyrrell, at: tyrrella@wpro.who.int
Deadline for application is Monday, 15th November 2010.
See more at file attach.