UNDP tuyển nhân viên Kế toán Dự án

Dự án VIE/02/001 được tài trợ bởi UNDP/DFID/FINNIDA để giúp cho Chính phủ Viêt Nam trong việc thực thi Chương trình mục tiêu Quốc gia (NTPs) nhằm giảm nghèo đói và chương trình 135 pha II 2006-2010 đang cần tuyển nhân viên kế toán dự án. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:


The Project VIE/02/001 is funded by UNDP/DFID/FINNIDA to support the Government of Vietnam to implement the National Targeted Programmes (NTPs) on poverty reduction and Programme 135 phase II 2006-2010. The project is seeking for an Administrative Assistant to work at CEMA’s project office in Hanoi.

Contract: One-year contract with possible extension.

Location: Hanoi

The position: The Project Accountant will be overall responsible for project accounting in line with regulations and procedures of both Vietnam and UNDP – supported nationally executed (NEX) projects. In addition, the Project Accountant may be given additional administrative tasks as per assigned by the Project Management, if necessary.

Specific tasks and responsibilities:
1. Assist the Project Manager (PM) in administration of project funds, both from UNDP and CEM. This includes budgeting for annual and quarterly workplan, preparing quarterly and annual documents for review by the PM, administration of advanced funds in line with Vietnam and UNDP rules and regulations, monitoring rate of delivery, cash management and disbursements, claim VAT input, filing and payment of PIT, monitoring expenses of responsible parties, supporting documents for disbursements, non-expendable equipments etc.
2. Prepare reports (for both UNDP fund and counterpart fund) on project expenditures for PM’s review including Government Disbursement Report (GDR) (both in hard copy and electronically) in line with UNDP procedures; the quarterly Reconciliation of Outstanding Advance/status of funds (ROA), and other reports according to accounting regulations of Vietnam.
3. Keep the project’s books as per MOF and UNDP regulations including Cash Receipt and Disbursement Journal, Government Disbursement Ledger, UNDP Cash Advance Ledger, and UNDP Direct Payment Ledger, (if any) and other accounting books according to accounting regulations of Vietnam.
4. With necessary technical inputs and guidance from the PM, prepare and update proposed project budget revisions for review by the PM before submission to UNDP..
5. Assist the PM in meeting requirements for internal and external project audits.
6. Assist the PM in all activities relating to project procurement and sub-contracting procedures.. This includes but not limits to preparation of request for quotation, request for proposal, purchase order, receiving and inspection report, and documents required by the UNDP Local Contracts Committee.
7. Administer project equipment and other facilities including maintaining Non- expandable Property Ledger as per NEX guidelines.
8. Carry any other duties as per the requirements of the PM for the successful implementation of the Project.

– University degree in Finance and Accountancy;
– Experience in project accounting and budget administration with a minimum of one year hands-on experience;  Good command of English, both orally and in writing;
– Experience and/or familiarity with UNDP financial rules and regulations and project financial management practices would be an asset;
– Excellent computer skills, especially Excel, Word, and PowerPoint;
– Able to work under work and time pressure.

Address for Applications:
Project VIE/02/001-SEDEMA ?Support to Improvement and Implementation of National
Target Programme/Programme 135?
Project Office:
#19 Lane 97, Van Cao
Ha Noi ? Viet Nam
Tel/Fax: (84-4) 275 0518
Email: hoang.van@undp.org