Cơ hội nhận học bổng nghiên cứu từ Hiệp hội Bảo tồn Động vật hoang dã

Cơ hội nhận hỗ trợ tài chính lên tới $20.000 từ Hiệp hội Bảo tồn Động vật hoang dã (WCS) cho các dự án nghiên cứu về thế giới hoang dã.

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 16/07/2012

Chi tiết (tiếng Anh) như sau:

The WCS Research Fellowship Program is now accepting applications. Submission deadline is July 16, 2012.

Maximum award: $20,000

The WCS Research Fellowship Program (RFP) is a small grants program designed to build capacity for the next generation of conservationists by supporting individual field research projects that have a clear application to the conservation of threatened wildlife and wild places. Collectively, the professionals receiving RFP grants will apply field-tested conservation science to the challenges facing the natural world.

In recent years the RFP was re-designed with a focus on supporting work directly related to WCS priority land/seascapes, species, and/or the global initiatives of wildlife health, climate change, ecosystem services/payments for ecosystem services, and natural resource management. Specific information on these topics can be found at the links below.

RFP applicants must be citizens of developing countries (i.e., any country not defined as a “high income economy” by the World Bank at http:data.worldbank.org/about/country-classifications/country-and-lending-groups. An exception is made for applicants who are Native American (US) or First Nations, Métis or Inuit (Canada). The Program seeks to support the field work of graduate-level students (Masters, PhD, DVM or equivalent; however applications will be accepted from all conservationists in the early stages of their career) who will work with WCS staff in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and in special cases, North America (as noted above).

Before applying, we strongly recommend that applicants first contact WCS field staff in their country and then send a one-paragraph summary of their intended proposal to fellowship (at) wcs (dot) org for review and feedback. Please be sure to include the topic of your study (species, place, global initiative).

Click on the links below to learn more about:

WCS’s priority land/seascapes

WCS Global Priority and Recovery Species

WCS Global Initiatives

To determine whether your proposal meets WCS Research Fellowship Program guidelines, please review our Eligibility Requirements.

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