Tuyển Tư vấn cho Dự án Phòng ngừa HIV/AIDS

Dự án Phòng ngừa HIV/AIDS ở Việt Nam do Ngân hàng Thế giới (WB) hỗ trợ về vốn thông báo tuyển Tư vấn ngắn hạn. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: Trước 4 giờ chiều ngày 17/6/2011.

Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

Short-Term Individual Consultant (Local Consultant) to Support CPMU to Push Up, Monitor and Evaluate Implementation Process of Awarded Proposals of Innovation Day 2010

“Vietnam HIV/AIDS Prevention Project” funded by the World Bank is 7 – year Project in order to support the key objectives of Government of Vietnam’s National HIV/AIDS strategy. In 2010, the Project will co-operate with VAAC to organize Innovation day 2010 on HIV/AIDS prevention. On the result, distinguish proposals were granted award and funded money for their implementation.

Central Project Management Unit (CPMU) invites qualified candidates to express their interest for a short-term individual consultant (local consultant) to support CPMU to push up, monitor and evaluate implementation process of awarded proposals of Innovation Day 2010.


Consultant should:

– Vietnamese Nationality

– Have under graduate degree in the field of social science, being preferable for candidates graduated from public health school

– Being preferable for people having experiences in public health, especially in HIV/AIDS prevention activities

– Being preferable for people having experience in working with project in the field of social development and community development

– Fluent in English

– Being active and having good communication skills

Interest candidates may obtain further information about project, as well as Term of reference for this position, please contact at the address below from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

Closing date to apply for this position: 4pm, June 17, 2011.


“Vietnam HIV/AIDS prevention project” funded by the World Bank

10 th floor, 14 Lang Ha, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 84-4-37724097/Fax:84-4-37724098

Email: cpmu_wb@vnhpp.gov.vn