Khóa học về Quản lý dự án phát triển tại Thái Lan

Trung tâm Phát triển truyền thông Quốc tế (ICDC) phối hợp với Văn phòng Đào tạo mở rộng, Đại học Kasetsart sẽ tổ chức khóa học về Quản lý dự án phát triển tại Băng Cốc, Thái Lan từ 12-22/10/2010. Hạn nộp đơn: 27/09/2010.

This two-week intensive course uses the Goal-Oriented Project Planning Model aimed at a systematic way of relating all the important components of a project or program plan. It starts with stakeholders analysis, then identification of the problem
that needs to be solved. Both management content and process elements are analyzed and strategies mapped out towards the solution of the identified problem. The indicators for the measurement of achievement of the project or program objectives in
solving the identified problem are objectively verifiable and the means of verification are identified. Tools in the analysis of the different phases of the planning for implementation, monitoring and evaluation are operationally designed.

Who should attend
Development project and program planners, managers, coordinators, and others involved in these functions are invited.
Date: 12-22 October 2010
Venue: ICDC, ETO, Kasetsart University, Bangkok Thailand

What you’ll learn
The role of management for sustainable development The management process
The project cycle The Goal-Oriented Project Planning model
Stakeholders analysis
Problem analysis
Identification of target beneficiaries and needs assessment
The Logframe matrix
Setting goals and behavioral objectives
Stating assumptions, developing indicators, and identifying means of verification
Developing a project implementation plan
Monitoring and evaluation
Information dissemination

How you’ll learn
Experiential learning
Interactive lectures
Group exercises, presentations

What you’ll accomplish
• A draft project plan in a logframe matrix
• Tools for analysis in various phases of the project/program planning you’ll accomplish

What you’ll get
A workshop participation certificate awarded by Kasetsart University
A file of current and useful materials in project and program management for future reference
A network of development workers who share common interests in systematically developing project/program plans
How much it costs
How much it costs
The workshop fee is US$1400, which includes tuition, workshop materials, morning and afternoon snacks, and field trip transportation including airport transfer.
Not included in the fee are: airfare, accommodation, meals, and personal expenses.

Conducted by
The International Center for Development Communication
Extension and Training Office – Kasetsart University
50 Ngamwongwan Rd., Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand

How to Apply
Download the Application Form from our Website: or request the Program Officer, ICDC to send you a copy, E-mail:
Deadline of application: 27 September 2010, especially for countries that don’t have a Thai Embassy. The processing of visa takes at least 2 weeks.

Upcoming Courses
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2 . Gender and Development, 14-24 September 2010
3 . Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, 9-19 November 2010
For a copy of Application Form, download from website: