LIFE-GAP tuyển 2 cán bộ phòng chống HIV / AIDS

Dự án “Dự phòng và chăm sóc HIV/AIDS tại Việt Nam” (LIFE-GAP) là dự án hợp tác giữa Bộ Y tế Việt Nam và Bộ Y tế và Dịch vụ con người Hoa Kỳ. Hiện LIFE-GAP đang cần tuyển 02 cán bộ phòng chống HIV/AIDS cho dự án này. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 01/02/2010.


“Vietnam-USA Collaboration Project on HIV Prevention and Care in Vietnam” is the Collaboration Project between Ministry of Health in Vietnam and Human Health Service. We are looking for candidates for the folollowing positions:

– 01 HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment Officer in charge of HIV/AIDS Outpatient Care & Treatment

– 01 HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Program Officers


Job description

1. HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment Officer in charge of HIV/AIDS Outpatient Care & Treatment

          Responsible for HIV/AIDS outpatient medical activities in adult outpatient clinics; 

          Planning annual activities for HIV/AIDS Adult Outpatient Clinics (OPCs) to submit Ministry of Health and the Donor; Reviewing planned activities quarterly and working with technical team on issues and solution.

          Supporting provinces/cities in developing proposals and budgets for HIV/AIDS adult outpatient clinics; 

          Coordinating with the Donor and related agencies in planning and implementing monitoring & evaluation technical assistance and on-site trainings at HIV/AIDS Adult OPC sites.  

          Following up the provincial implementation progress at the HIV/AIDS Adult OPC sites and sharing information regularly with donor technical staff. 

          Working closely with related agencies including agencies providing ARV drugs, opportunistic infection drugs (OIs), PEPFAR partners in comprehensive service provision for HIV infected people at the treatment sites.

          Performing activities related to monitoring and evaluation for treatment for HIV/AIDS infected people; 

          Reporting on Care & Treatment activities at the provinces which she/he is in charge of; 

2. HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment Program Officer

          Developing plans to monitor and evaluate HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment activities; 

          Working as a focal point of contact to coordinate with the officer in charge of analysis reports on HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment activities implemented by LIFE-GAP Project;

          Organizing and implementing evaluation, supervision, research related to HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment activities supported by LIFE-GAP Project; 

          Coordinating closely with Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control to perform evaluation research on HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment; 

          Working closely with Care & Treatment program officers to in activities supervision and technical assistance. 


General requirements

          Fluency in English in communication, writing reports, designing project activities.

          Excellent at office software (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, statistics analysis related to research and epidemiology: Epiinfo, SPSS….)

          Ability to work independently and within a team, ability to go to 28 project sites.

          Experience in working for projects.


Specific requirements

HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment Officer in charge of HIV/AIDS Outpatient Care & Treatment

          Doctor background

          At least 2 year-experience in program, project management about HIV/AIDS;  Developing proposals and budgets for medical preventive program; 

HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment Program Officer

          Doctor background

          Work experience in medical program Monitoring and Evaluation;


Please send your application (in both Vietnamese and English) no later than 1st February 2010  to:
LIFE-GAP Project, Ministry of Health
Unit 2, 14th Floor, HAREC Building,  4 A Láng Hạ, Hà Nội


          Copies of qualifications must be notarized.

         Do not contact by telephone. For more information, please contact at:, or