FFI tuyển cán bộ dự án

FFI là một tổ chức phi chính phủ quốc tế hoạt động trong lĩnh vực bảo tồn, đã có mặt ở Việt Nam hơn 10 năm. Trong khuôn khổ chương trình Hỗ trợ bảo tồn, FFI hiện đang tuyển 1 cán bộ cho dự án phát triển du lịch sinh thái tại Khu Bảo Tồn Pù Luông, Thanh Hóa. Hạn chót nộp hồ sơ: 23/03/2009. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

Fauna & Flora International is recruiting exciting and challenging national or international position to support the implementation of its “Building Community Institutions for the Development and Management of Pro-poor Nature-based Tourism project in Pu Luong Nature Reserve, Thanh Hoa Province’

Ecotourism Planning Expert

Back ground

The Pu Luong Nature Reserve forms part of the Pu Luong- Ngoc Son – Cuc Phuong (Pu Luong Nature Reserve, Ngoc Son – Ngo Luong Nature Reserve and Cuc Phuong National Park) limestone mountain range. It is a globally important example of karst ecosystems and is the only remaining large area of lowland limestone forest in northern Vietnam. The area is located within the northern Indochina limestone eco-region that is classified as of “acute” importance for the conservation of biodiversity, supporting important large mammal populations, including the last populations of the critically endangered Delacour’s Langur. The area and its biodiversity is threatened by a range of issues including unsustainable and often illegal use of natural resources, spread of agriculture into areas unsuitable for cultivation, and development of infrastructure, industries and tourism. The degradation of the landscape threatens the basis of current livelihoods as well as undermining the potential development of tourism and other sustainable forest-based livelihood developments.

The Pu Luong-Cuc Phuong Conservation Project (PLCP) was set up in late 2002 to protect this area and its endangered wildlife by supporting the integrated conservation and rural development interventions. The PLCP project came to an end in February, 2009.

The Irish Aid funded “Building Community Institutions for the Development and Management of Pro-poor Nature-based Tourism in Pu Luong Nature Reserve, Thanh Hoa Province” project (Pu Luong Ecotourism project) is designed to build on the work of PLCP project in which the community based ecotourism initiatives will be the focusing. However, these activities will directly relate to the conservation and development of natural resources. This relation will be achieved through a variety of direct and indirect means such as building local institutions in development and management of ecotourism, Awareness raising of the inter-relationship between conservation and development, and so on.

These Terms of Reference cover work to be undertaken by the Eco-tourism expert (short-term consultancy) of the Pu Luong Ecotourism Project.


The objective of this short-term consultancy is to prepare a sustainable tourism development plan that ensures optimal community participation in, and benefits from, tourism, and enhanced conservation in the Pu Luong Nature Reserve – Thanh Hoa province


Under the supervision of the Project Manager and in partnership with provincial FPD, provincial Tourism Department, Ba Thuoc and Quan Hoa district PCs, Pu Luong Nature Reserve, Tour operators, local authorities and local communities, the Eco-tourism Expert will:
– Review existing tourism initiatives (private businesses-, projects, Government managed initiatives, community initiatives, etc.) in the project area. The review will include assessment of the value and scale of the industry, the number of jobs created; the level of spin-off benefits; projections for the industry; and levels of economic benefits captured locally.
– Interview with tourism department staff of Thanh Hoa province; discussions with management staff in Cuc Phuong National Park, Ngoc Son – Ngo Luong Nature Reserve and Pu Luong Nature Reserve; discussions with Mai Chau, Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc district officials; interviews with tourism operators including service provider Ha Noi, Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa and Mai Chau, discussion with Ngoc Son – Ngo Luong Ecotourism Project and other related project in the project area, etc. The outputs of these consultations/discussions should address:
+ Unique characteristics of PLNR for tourism development, e.g., karst landscapes, Thai and Muong culture.
+ Key activities for tourism development, e.g., trekking, mountain biking, home stays, wildlife viewing, cultural tours, farming tours.
+ Provision of tourism services, e.g., food, home stays, guides, travel within PLNR, handicrafts, traditional dances, souvenirs.
+ Regulations governing the equitable sharing of tourism revenue among the stakeholders in ways that sustain PLNR’s natural and cultural values.
+ Establishment of a community fund in collaboration with Women’s Unions to ensure that tourism revenue reaches the poorest households.
– Undertake a detailed planning in developing eco-tourism in selected areas in the Pu Luong Nature Reserve. The ecotourism plan will provide guidelines for eco-tourism development taking into account the project’s objectives. Special consideration will be given to:
+ identifying and mapping suitable trekking trails;
+ locating and mapping villages and areas of special cultural interest;
+ identifying and mapping locations where forest visits and interpretation could be undertaken;
+ preparing guidelines for modifying or improving traditional houses for the purpose of hosting tourists;
– specifying the necessary skills for community based eco-tourism at the village level;
+ recommendations for marketing village level tourism initiatives;
+ proposals for mechanisms to promote equitable linkages and business relations between village level tourism initiatives and tour-operators;
+ proposals for mechanisms to promote forest values and forest conservation within the eco-tourism industry; and
+ identifying specific interventions for project support for community level eco-tourism development.
+ Recommendations regarding training needs at local and tour-operator levels.
– Build capacity for project staff and counterparts including Pu Luong Nature Reserve staff on ecotourism development and management through involving them in ecotourism planning process.
– Facilitate one final workshop in which all relevant stakeholders will be invited to discuss and agree on the sustainable tourism development plan prepared by the Eco-tourism expert. Moreover, should also provide opportunities to stakeholders participating in development of an agreement among all stakeholders defining roles, rights, and responsibilities in development and manage withment of ecotourism in Pu Luong NR.

– Written sustainable tourism development plan specifying short term (the project-2 years) interventions and long term interventions (5 years) for Pu Luong Nature Reserve.
– Draft agreement among stakeholders defining roles, rights, and responsibilities in development and management of ecotourism in Pu Luong NR.


The consultant will report to the project Manager.
The Eco-tourism Expert will provide two bound copies of the final report. The report will be prepared in English with an executive summary written in English and Vietnamese. The report will also be provided as an MS Word file.


The consultancy covers a maximum of 30 days of effective work which can be undertaken in a maximum 45 days from the sate of signature of the agreement.

A one page covering letter should specify the position being applied for and highlight why the candidate feels they are the right person for the job. A CV detailing professional experience and relevant qualifications should be provided, and three references. Beside, an outline of what the consult is going to do is encouraged.

Interested candidates should respond by email to Project Manager, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quang; quang.ngoc.nguyen@ffi.org.vn. The position being applied for should be indicated in the subject line.Applications must be received by 23/3/ 2009.
Important note:
A maximum of 10,000 US$ should be paid to cover the daily rate and per-diem of the consultant based on his/her experience. The EU-UN cost norm is strictly applied for this position.

FFI regrets that due to the large number of expected applications, only applicants being called for interview will be responded to.