CARE tuyển tư vấn

CARE tuyển cán bộ tư vấn dự án về y tế. Hạn nhận hồ sơ đến ngày 30-11-2011. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

Project Title:               Global Fund Round 9 Track Two

Location:                     Hanoi

Duration:                     16.5 days

Key counterparts:        Health and Social Program Manager, Health Technical Advisor,

                                    Project Manager and team and local partners

Reporting to:               Health and Social Program Coordinator

CARE in Vietnam is the representative of CARE International in Vietnam. CARE in Vietnam operates under the lead membership of CARE Australia. The laws and regulations of the Government of Vietnam apply to all staff, contractors and experts.  Within CARE in Vietnam the Country Director has overall management authority as the representative of the lead member and of CARE International.

About the Global Fund project

Brief description

Project goal

The project aims to promote and strengthen the role and capacity of civil society organisations in implementing the Action Programs of the National AIDS Strategies in order to reduce the adverse impacts of HIV/AIDS on socio-economic development.

Project overall objectives

  1. Strengthen capacity of civil society working on HIV/AIDS including establishing a
    working network between community-based organisations and self help groups.
  2. Reduce infection rates among groups with high risk behaviours and their sex partners
    including injecting drug users, female sex workers, men having sex with men and mobile
    and migrant populations.
  3. Enhance the quality of life of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS through
    community home based care and support services including livelihood support.

Background and Rationale for this activity

Vietnam’s HIV epidemic has been growing exponentially since 1990. According to Vietnam Administration of AIDS Control (VAAC) in 2009, the number of PLHIV and OVC is estimated at 310,000 and 5,000 respectively. Stigma and discrimination against PLHIV remains stark and has become a primary obstacle for PLHIV to access public services such as healthcare and education.  Empowering vulnerable people to become their own agents of change is an important step towards addressing this discrimination and exclusion.

 Proposed Activity:

Pending approval of an agreed work plan and schedule the expert will:

  1. Develop plain language IEC material aimed at:

–         improving understanding of stigma and discrimination in Vietnam,

–        Outlining key responsibilities of duty bearers, particularly in relation to health and education

–        the rights of people experiencing  stigma and discrimination under current regulations and their primary carers,

–        Advice and referral for individuals to seek further information or assistance

Scope of Expert’s Work:  

The expert will work with the CARE GF9 project team, Health Program Coordinator, Advisor and its partners. The detail tasks are described as follows:

  1. Consult with the project team, project partners and project beneficiaries to ensure that the resources meet the shared vision, aims and objectives of the project.
  2. Conduct a literature review to identify and understand the key audience and issues related to stigma and discrimination in Vietnam.
  3. Review a selection of existing similar resources, sourced either locally and internationally, to ensure that the final product draws on best practice and proven success in IEC.
  4. Review existing laws, decrees guidelines and strategies related to the key audiences and key issues identified above.
  5. Develop a draft outline of the proposed booklet for approval by CARE
  6. Develop a full draft of the proposed booklet for consultation among the project partners
  7. Provide an updated draft of the proposed booklet including feedback from the project partners for focus testing
  8. Focus test the proposed booklet with a group of beneficiaries
  9. Provide and update of the proposed booklet that responds to feedback from the focus group discussions.
  10. Provide a final draft for approval by CARE in ‘print ready’ electronic format and one colour hard copy
  11. Once approved, provided a limited print (between 2000 and 5000 copies pending funding) of the booklet.

Expected Outputs: 

The following outputs must be provided to CARE prior to completion or final payment of the project.

  1. Work plan and schedule agreed in advance of commencement.
  2. Interview schedule and minutes of meetings with stakeholders, project staff and beneficiaries.
  3. Summary of relevant key issues and approaches based on literature review and review of similar IEC
  4. Concept or outline indicating the experts vision for style and content
  5. Drafts as outlined in scope of work
  6. Minutes and summary report of focus testing
  7. Final draft for the booklet for discussion and agreement within CARE
  8. Final draft of the booklet in a format ready for commercial printing.
  9. Between 2000 and 5000 copies of commercially/professionally printed booklets as agreed by CARE.

Selection Criteria:

Required qualification for the expert includes:

  1. Demonstrated understanding and sensitivity toward PLHIV, sex workers, drug users, men who have sex with men.
  2. Demonstrated capacity to analyse complex social issues associated with improving knowledge and changing attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.
  3. Experience in designing, implementing and evaluating IEC/BCC material.
  4. Demonstrated excellent Vietnamese written and visual communication skills.

Preparation and Logistical Support:

All documents will be sent to the CARE’s project team at least one week before field work for review and agreement to ensure quality is consistent with CARE’s expectations.

The project team will facilitate the team’s work through the provision of all required logistical support such as accommodation, transportation to/from/within project areas as well as arrangement of meetings and field visits for the pilot test and TOT.

Interested candidates should send a full English CV and stating the position title to email: date to apply for this position: 30 November 2011

The short-listed applicants will be contacted for interviews. Please no telephone contact after submitting the application.