Điều phối viên dự án về chính sách kinh tế vĩ mô

Dự án nghiên cứu và khuyến nghị chính sách kinh tế vĩ mô được UNDP tài trợ, do Ủy ban kinh tế quốc hội chủ trì thực hiện cần tuyển 1 điều phối viên làm việc tại Hà Nội. Hạn nhận hồ sơ đến ngày 22 tháng 8 năm 2011. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

The project: “Support for enhancing capacity in advising, examining, and overseeing macroeconomic policies” funded by UNDP, implemented by the Economic Committee of National Assembly from 2010 to 2014. Partners of the project are Party’s Central Office, Office of the Government, National Financial Supervision Committee. 

The Project is looking for a qualified candidate for the position of the Project Co-ordinator (PC). Under the guidance, supervision of the NPM, Project Co-ordinator is to assist the NPM in implementing the day-to-day activities of the Project and ensuring smooth coordination between Project Partners. Thus, the position requires the holder to work on a regular full-time basis. Having profound understanding about MDGs/ VDGs/ SEDP progress, and working experience with international organizations/donors and in particular with macro-economic policy related-agencies of the National Assembly/Government are also critical criteria to select the candidate for this post. 

Please see attached file TOR for more information about the post.

Interest candidate please send a Cover Letter (in English) stating why you are suitable for this position together with CV and copies (notarization not required) of relevant degree by 22nd August, 2011 to:

Project Management Unit: “Support for Enhancing Capacity in Advising, Examining and Overseeing Macroeconomic Policies

Level 3, No. 34 Giang Van Minh, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

Or email to: Du.an.kinh.te.vi.mo@gmail.com