PACT tuyển Cán bộ tư vấn

Pact Việt Nam đang cần tuyển Cán bộ tư vấn. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 5/6/2010. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

Pact Vietnam is looking for a national consultant to revise the Community Home Based Care topic talks ‘Prevention with Positives’. The detailed Scope of Work (SOW) is attached to this email.

An application letter and CV in English should be sent to  
Deadline for submissions:June 5, 2010

Rationale: Over the last couple of years Pact has been developing topic talks to support the skills and knowledge development of CBHC providers. These 1-1.5 hour teaching sessions are designed for use within regular supervision sessions to provide opportunities for ongoing learning, reinforcing information given via basic trainings and introducing additional knowledge and skills needed for quality care Most CHBC programs provide annual or semi-annual training for their CHBC providers.

Pact has already developed a number of these talks including a module on ‘Prevention with Positives’ (PwP) which was developed in 2009. This module does not include all elements of PEPFAR’s vision for PwP – as outlined in the New Generation Indicator Guidance. As such, Pact needs a consultant to expand the PwP topic talk module, increasing its comprehensiveness,

Purpose: Complete the module on PwP to strengthen NGO capacity in care and support for PLHIV, especially Pact partners’ staff and home care teams

Expected outputs:
A complete version of the topic talk module on Prevention with Positives.

Approach: Depending on the old version of topic talk module already exists it will be developed in consultation with Pact staff.

Detail responsibilities of the consultant:
The consultant will collaborate and work closely with Pact to do the following tasks:

1. To search for available, existing materials that relevant to the three sub-topics: STI Prevention and Management; Family Planning and Referral to Social Support that PACT identified should be added.
2. To develop content of the sub-topics.
3. To pilot the talks at selected partners’ site.
4. To revise and finalize the topic talks based on inputs/recommendations from the pilot and Pact staff and using the current template in both Vietnamese and English.

Working days: will be defined based on actual working days (not to exceed 30 days)