Cơ hội nhận tài trợ từ Quỹ nước Nhật Bản

Các tổ chức phát triển sẽ có cơ hội nhận tài trợ từ Quỹ nước Nhật bản (JWF) khi nộp đơn tham gia chương trình "Grass-roots activities". Hạn chót nộp đơn là 31/07/2010. Thông tin chi tiết như sau.

The Japan Water Forum(JWF) is pleased to invite grass-roots organizations in developing countries to apply for the Japan Water Forum Fund 2010. We are looking forward to receiving your applications.

What kind of grass-roots activities can be awarded the grants?

“Grass-roots activities” are activities planned and faithfully implemented by grass-roots organizations to bring about an appreciable improvement upon the current water and sanitation issues. These activities include various activities such as:
– Introduction of rainwater-harvesting tanks, ponds, digging wells;
– Development of small scale water supply systems;
– Building new toilets and upgrading existing sanitation facilities;
– Prevention of water-related disasters;
– Establishment and encouragement of water-efficient irrigation;
– Solving gender issues;
– Aquatic environment restoration activities.
*It is highly suggested that proposed activities include capacity-building/ awareness-raising programs.
*If your activity is only capacity-building/ awareness-raising program, it may not be selected.

The Application form and Guidelines for the JWF Fund 2010 are available at:

»Application form (Word 128KB)

»Guidelines (PDF 78KB)
*Please read carefully Guidelines for the JWF Fund 2010 before you submit the application.
*Please note that the application form and Guidelines have been changed from previous years.

Please submit a duly filled application form to the Japan Water Forum through e-mail by July 31, 2010.
*Please note that the form must be filled in English. Other languages are not accepted.
*Please note that any applications submitted after the due date are not accepted.

For more information, please feel free to contact the Japan Water Forum at jwffund@waterforum.jp
Moreinfo: http://www.waterforum.jp/eng/fund