Liên hiệp Phụ nữ Quốc tế tuyển tư vấn

Liên hiệp Phụ nữ Quốc tế hiện đang tuyển các vị trí tư vấn cho dự án “Hỗ trợ nữ lao động nhập cư tại Việt Nam”. Hạn nhận hồ sơ đến hết ngày 25/12/2011. Chi tiết công việc như sau:

UN Women , Country Office in Vietnam is looking for a National consultant to act as team member and  an international consultant to act as team leader in conducting a situation analysis of international labour migration, with a focus on women migrant workers from Viet Nam, and recommend areas where further research is required, and to provide a framework for further activities under UN Women-DOLAB Project on “Empowering Women Migrant Workers in Viet Nam”

The objective of this assignment is to conduct a situation analysis of women’s migration trends, provinces of origin and countries of destination, occupations, and recommend areas where further research is required, and to provide a framework for further activities under the Viet Nam programme. This assignment also includes a participatory qualitative research amongst potential and returning women migrant workers to address gaps in existing knowledge about issues and problems occurring in the migration process to selected countries and territories, including for example, the use of women migrants’ savings and remittances, social-cost analysis of women migration.

The situation analysis would be used to identify information gaps, tailor interventions to meet the needs of women migrant workers and identify the main actors and stakeholders involved.

The indicative scope of the situation analysis is:

·        Review labour migration trends especially of women migrant workers. This includes identifying major places of origin, transit and destination countries/territories, how and why Vietnamese women migrate, what sectors of work they join with a specific focus on informal work sectors;

·        Review the laws, regulatory and protection policies related to labour migration from a rights and gender perspective;

·        Identify any gender gaps in migration data collection systems and analysis for improvement in the MOLISA database and software;

·        Identify current gaps in meeting needs of women migrant workers in current policy and the potential institutional focal points for addressing these gaps;

·        Identify current services/interventions for women migrant workers pre-departure.

·        Identify the role and practices of formal and informal recruitment agencies in women’s migration from Viet Nam;

·        Identify the roles mass organizations and women’s local groups (if any) play in empowering women migrant workers; and

·        Map out donor support to government organizations in this area, ongoing initiatives and identify gaps/entry points.

The key tasks to be completed by the consultant under the guidance of the team leader are as follows:

·        Meet DOLAB and UN Women for initial discussions to understand the details of the situation analysis project for gathering more information from stakeholders;

·        Review relevant documentation to be provided by DOLAB and UN Women and to be sourced from elsewhere, where relevant;

·        Get the information from local site, including collecting existing data, surveying with questionnaires (at least 100), in depth interviews (at least 30), review additional information (i.e. media sources) available on overall situation of Vietnamese women migrant workers;

·        To contextualize and finalize the questionnaire for in-depth interviews;

·        Conduct interviews, compile, process and analyze data from fieldworktogether with the Team Leader;

·        Translate all data analysis, including data tables, main issues from the focus group discussions and case studies into English;

·        Gather and analyze the information and prepare the draft report;

·        Provide and consolidate comments on the draft report before it is submitted to UN Women and DOLAB;

·        Present and discuss the draft report at four meetings to be organized by DOLAB and UN Women for legal and gender experts from government agencies, mass organizations and local NGOs, UN agencies and donors for improvement and finalization through comments and suggestions; and

·        Finalize the draft report and presentation on feedback received from other experts for submission toUN Women and DOLAB.

DOLAB and UN Women have overall management of the work of the consultant, and she/he will be ultimately responsible to the Director of DOLAB and the UN Women Country Representative in Viet Nam. She/he will be in direct contact with the nominated person of DOLAB and the Programme Officer of UN Women Viet Nam andreport to them on the work progress on a regular basis for discussion and comments during the consultancy.

To fulfill this assignment, the consultant will act as Team Member together with and under the leadership of an international consultant as a Team Leader. As the Team Member, the consultant is expected to provide support to the Team Leader in the process and work closely with the Team Leader under her/him guidance and advice. She/he will assist the Team Leader to manage the preparation and conduct the situation analysis in a timely manner, and join efforts with the Team Leader who is the primary responsible for writing and producing the final report. The consultant will consult with the Team Leader on division of labour for specific topics and delegate tasks to her/him according to the specific areas of expertise within the Team, but share the overall responsibility for delivering expected deliverables and results.

Interest applicants who meet the selection criteria should send the following to Mr. Nguyen Hai Dat and cc to

·        Application letter;

·        Curriculum vitae;

·        Proposed lump sum professional fee and lump sum travel costs from home country or country of residence to Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

Interested applicants must also submit CV to

The deadline for submitting applications is 25 December 2011. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.